Inja & DJ Nappa- Wideopen

July 9th, 2006

Delegates Of Culture member Inja has hooked up with Phi Life Cypher’s DJ Nappa to follow up his recent ‘Scars’ EP with a full length album. It’s a solid effort, with good production throughout and a variety of well performed vocals. ‘Scars’ featuring cuts by Mr Thing is a lively number, whilst ‘Can’t Forget’ is a really nice soul vibed track with warm and reflective lyrics. ‘By My Side’ featuring Life and Skuff is a really bouncy affair whilst ‘Me’ is another really soulful and heartfelt track. On ‘Hold You’,

Inja tells the story of a girl, giving the listener something vivid and deep to follow. ‘Friends’ featuring DJ Skully offers a nice soul sample which Inja uses to talk emotively about those close to him. ‘Wide Open’ concludes the release with a really cool piano loop that rounds things up perfectly. If you’re deep into your UK hiphop, you’d do well to check this album out. There’s nothing massively standout about any of the tracks, but as a whole they sound tight, and up against one another, are balanced and of a high quality, culminating in a solid, well planned and stable LP.