PHTV Vol. 1

July 9th, 2006

There’s bare grime DVD’s coming out at the minute, all too often of a poor quality with shakey camera’s and crackling sound. PHTV’s different. This is about as professional as it gets. The case is heavy, everything’s audible, you don’t get dizzy watching the footage and the editing is tight. Also, the menu design is slick, showing that the people in charge of this are serious about doing things properly.

As for the features, it’s all good. There’s a very healthy mix of established and lesser known names, from live concert footage of Kano, to interviews and freestyles with Scorcher, Gully Gang and many more. It doesn’t stop there. You’ve got in studio coverage of Akala and his sis’ Ms. Dynamite, some less rap orientated content from impressive vocalist Louie Lu, and three heavy music videos including Plan B’s ‘Missing Links’. To top matters off for the Grime nerds, there’s also beat making walkthrough’s by producers Mr Slash and Skitz Beatz, proving that however much Fruityloops gets cussed, it’s capable of serious sounds. Considering this is only volume one, PHTV is a very healthy and promising product, easily better than anything else in its field. Go cop that.

One Response to “PHTV Vol. 1”

  1. Mr.Slash Says:

    Googled Myself And This Come Up, It’s A Big DVD Purchase It!