Dynamite MC- Big Man Talk

July 8th, 2006

Considering this is a mix CD, it’s all the more impressive. The track listing is real strong and feels like an album, with a wealth of well produced and performed tracks, providing a great range of topics and sounds. Dynamite’s been around in a number of scenes for some time now, and it shows in his ability to rap suitably on the different types of beats here. There’s lots of intelligence packed into this release, with the likes of creative numbers ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘Marcus Garvey’ showcasing a mature, thoughtful and interesting lyricist in action. It’s not all serious though, with stuff like ‘Dyna Vs Kanye’ and the pacey ‘Any Riddim’ providing more car radio suitable moments. Lots of atmospheric moments are scattered throughout these tracks, in particular the really well produced ‘Marmite’ which Dynamite MC made the beat of himself. Dyna’s forthcoming ‘Styles Galore’ album seems set to really make an impact, when you think that a lot of mix CD’s are very messy affairs, and this is extremely nicely done.