Kyza- Fight Club

July 8th, 2006

How many more times do you need telling? Kyza is the greatest UK hiphop artist for a very long time. Yeah his Terra Firma squad are cool too, but this guy has it all. The flow, stage presense, story telling ability and all that other stuff which makes someone rather good. Out on Pepa Records, like all other tracks he’s ever done, this is a great appetiser to Kyza’s forthcoming album ‘The Experience’. ‘Fight Club’ is really pacey and packed with very hard bars of well executed lyrics. ‘Bitter, Sweet Love’ is a far calmer affair but just as entertaining, with a production by D-Lux of smooth spanish guitars and soulful vocals by singer Diablo. Kyza lays down a gripping account of a relationship that ends in regret, once more showcasing the range of his artistry. ‘D.O.A’ featuring crew member Skriblah rounds things off with another D-Lux created beat. With heavy synths and hard drum programming, this one’s a real atmosphere setter which finishes affairs in fine fashion. If any other artist spent as long as this dude in putting out an album, interest would be lost and frustration would take over. Kyza’s different, because he keeps feeding us with singles that are far more important than most people’s whole LP.

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