Deprogrammed Productions- Friends Of The Family

March 11th, 2004

‘Friends Of The Family’ by Deprogrammed Productions begins with one of the funniest hip-hop moment’s I’ve heard for a long time. Pimp Cresswood makes a guest appearance to introduce the first track ‘ePitoMe’ featuring Alex Blood and Nick Bell. The thoughtful lyrics and orchestrated production is a very promising start to the fourteen-track collection that the press releases accurately consider to be the gathering of some of the countries finest up and coming rhymers. That’s not to overlook the quality controlled beats by Alex Blood that are consistent in sustaining an uplifting and heart felt vibe. It’s hard to single out the highlights of an album that has expertly been constructed to deliver its listeners with a momentum of provocative vocals and motivating music that doesn’t cease to provide. Pushed, I’d say ‘Big Money Dreams’ featuring Stylah and ‘Shades of Grey’ featuring Grand Iris and Marie stand out that centre metre more. The final track of the album is ‘Children of The Water’, a song to feature on the spring album of the same name which this compilation was created to financially support. I’m looking forward to that, and if you listen to this record you’ll probably be feeling the same.