Syer Barz

July 1st, 2006

Syer Barz
Here’s an interview with the impressive up and coming Roll Deep crew member Syer Barz, of East London. He talks to us about his music and tight debut mix CD ‘Boy With The Fire’.

How did you come up with your artist name?

I used to do graffiti back in the day and had a mate who wrote ‘Sye’ and sometimes he’d put up ‘Syer’. When I found out what it meant, I thought it was sick so I called myself Syer Barz with syer meaning king, and I got a lot of bars. King bars made sense.

Where are you from and what’s the local music scene saying?

I’m from Dagenham, a little place in East London. The local music is not really local. It’s all over London. Everyone in every manor is on it though. It’s just one big scene with bare people from all over involved.

How’d you describe your music?

My music in general, is deep. I don’t just write ‘hype’ lyrics you know? For the crowd. I write songs, about my life. I write songs and lyrics that make sense, and have meaning behind them.

What crews or affiliations are you down with?

I am part of Roll Deep, but I don’t just work with them alone. I like to work with anyone in the scene whether they are a big face or not.

Are you signed to a label, or hoping to get a deal at some point?

I’m not signed. I’m putting out records and CDs under my own small independent label, Syernide Records. Obviously at some stage I am looking for a major deal, but at the moment, just concentrating on perfecting my flow and getting myself heard.

What releases have you put out so far and what are you most proud of?

I put out a record last year called ‘Pussy’ which I did a remix for on the B side with Wiley. It did ok. Got me on the map. I’ve recently put out my first mix CD called ‘Boy With The Fire’ which is out now in HMV and all independent record shops. It also is doing well. I’m most proud of that ‘cause it’s a good CD and is letting people see what I’m about, so they can judge for themselves.

Give us an idea of the types of topics you drop?

Like I said, mostly about my life, but not always from my perspective. Like, I would write about something that I’ve gone through but as someone else. I like to try and touch subjects that nobody has yet. I don’t really wanna go too deep into it ‘cause cats could get ideas from this shit!! Ha Ha.

Can you tell us about any forthcoming projects?

Yeah. I’m releasing my first EP in July which I’m looking forward to ‘cause it’s gonna be big. I’m currently working on my second mix CD at the same time as my album, so, I’m busy man.

Who produces your music and what other producers would you like to work with?

I produce my own music. I also work with a lot of other producers. I would most like to do a track with Timberland. His beats are fucked. He could make a sick grime track.

A year from now, what would you like to have achieved?

I would like to have achieved self-satisfaction. I’d get that when I know everyone has a part of my music in their house.

What do you think about the UK hiphop movement?

To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about our hiphop scene, but I know from what I’ve heard that our artists are on the right road man.

Would UK hiphop and grime benefit from embracing one another?

Course. Collaborating and working together with anyone is a good thing. I think the two would learn from each other, therefore would grow and be a bigger and better movement.

What’s your favourite club and where can we catch you live?

I like Fabric in West London. At the moment I have no bookings. Concentrating in the studio…..

As an artist, how important do you rate the internet?

I think it’s important. With the internet, you can touch places that would be hard to reach if you didn’t have it. I’ve also got in touch and linked up with people that I wouldn’t have met without the internet.

Who’s gonna win the world cup?


You got any shoutouts?

Big up Rapnews for the interview. Hol’ tight everyone doing their own thing. Big up Wiley for pushing me to the front. Big up everyone involved with Dubplate Drama. Hol’ tight Sean T, Justin, Luke, all the fam’. Big up my Roll Deep thugs, my Dagenham massive, all the DJs in the scene. Too many names man. Out to every supporting me, bless.

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