Bugz In The Attic- Back In The Dog House

June 24th, 2006

For the past ten years, Bugz In The Attic have been working their remix magic and DJ skills, building up a lot of respect and recognition within the music scene. The eight piece band however, have never managed to squash internal issues enough to release a debut album, until now. After messing with over 90 demo’s, individually and as a crew, they’ve managed to put out a really strong mix of soul, house and all sorts of other goodness. It’s hard to call out highlights, because the finished result is a consistent slice of high quality music, likely to appeal to quite a mixture of genre specific fans. Michelle Escoffery conributes to the bass heavy ‘No More’ whilst Yolande sings on ‘Happy Days’ and Don Ricardo helps out on the extremely feel good closer ‘Booty La La. The Bugz guys certainly know what they’re doing, and have really done good here in laying down a strong album of numerous vibes and directions. If mature, entertaining and inventive dance music is your thing, this will be too.