Kon & Amir and DJ Muro- The Kings Of Diggin’

June 24th, 2006

Highly respected crate diggers Kon & Amir have been putting out classic ‘On Track’ tapes and a series of 12”s for some time, creating quite a name for themselves across the world, whilst DJ Muro has been releasing ‘King Of Diggin’ mixtapes for years, becoming the resident vinyl king of Japan. Here they are together, on a double CD mix/compilation of some really laid back vibes, rescuing music from obscurity whilst providing us with consistent entertainment at the same time. Due to the chilled out nature of a lot of this material, this wont be suited to everyone but will certainly sit well with hardcore muso’s from various genres whom enjoy releases such as DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s ‘Product Placement’ or any soul / jazz vibes from yester-year in general. Both CD’s are quite long so you certainly get your moneys worth, with a full listen from beginning to end of both CD’s culminating in two or three sittings before you’ve heard it all. This is out on the much loved BBE label now.