Dr. Octagon- Aliens

June 24th, 2006

Your favourite crazy dude is back once more. This time round Kool Keith has reignited his Dr. Octagon alias for an album suitably titled ‘The Return of Dr. Octagon’, produced by One Watt Sun. The first single is ‘Aliens’ and is pretty damm mad. The pace is constantly changing and takes a good ten listens to get the best out of it. Keith’s lyrics are heavy and the accompanying instrumental and remix, especially the remix, provides more mind scrabbling noise in the form of DnB. Out on Casual, this is certainly one for the more leftfield acquainted music listener but it’s worth noting that it shits on many of the contrived eccentricities certain other artists are trying to fool us into buying. Have a rest from normality and check this out. It’s certainly different.