New Flesh

June 24th, 2006

New Flesh

Here’s a quick Q&A with Big Dada Recordings group New Flesh, who chat about their previous projects, the new album ‘Universally Dirty’ and the state of the UK music scene right now.

Why did you call yourselves New Flesh?

It comes from a lot of places, mostly the Cronenberg film ‘Videodrome’, all to do with constant change and evolution.

Where you all from?

All over the gaff. Mostly Juice Aleem is from Birmingham and Part 2 from York while Toastie is always between places.

What past projects have you put out so far?

As New Flesh, we put out the ‘Equilibrium’ and ‘Understanding’ LP’s before the ‘Universally Dirty’ one. After that we got a bag of stuff from Part 2’s ‘Live from the Breadline’ album to the stuff I did with Gamma and Shadowless. Collab’d with Adam Freeland, Roots Manuva, Si Begg and ‘nuff man.

How long have you been working on the new album and what’s the idea behind its title?

It took about six months on and off. The whole thing is as it says about how we dirty in so many aspects, as artists, how black people are perceived to be dirty, funky, kinky, jazzy, all from having the blues. As British artists making black music that they wanna call urban and even as ourselves from our backgrounds, not been silver spoon. Down to the flesh level, we get dirty to the core but we taking the dirt off planet too.

What can you tell us about the musical vibes and guest appearances?

The vibes is all lovely. It’s the continuation of the last forty years or so of carribbean music mixing with the Euro and making it dirty. How that changed pop with the rebirth of Ska. The soundsystem vibe that lead to the raves and Jungle, Drum & Bass, Garage and Grime all comin’ from the seeds of Hiphop and reggae. As far as guest, we only got one. That’s LSK who you may know, doing the chorus on Trouble. He did a lot on the music too. We locked down the amount of guests this time to make everything more direct.

New Flesh

How does this work differ to the previous ‘Understanding’ LP?

That direct approach shining through. A lot of the sessions were real straight in and out. Work with the instant vibe and kill it. It’s a lickle harder than the last album too.

What hardware have you been using the most and what’s the hottest gadget this summer?

We weren’t allowed many weapons in the studio so we kept to classic swords, mostly single edged blades to minimise ‘accidents’. Man it’s all about getting your name down for the PS3.

How do you rate the current standard of the domestic music scene?

It’s good man. People seem to be getting a better look in across the world right now. The only prob’ is youths who only just come in gettin’ too much shine too quick, and never being able or allowed to fulfill the potential. I love new stuff but you cant forget man that’s been in it a while to jump on new coatails. That’s like trying to forget Herc or Flash or something. As for who I’m feeling, Moorish Delta, Klashnekoff, Shadowless and Kela right now.

If you could collaborate with anyone from any era or genre, who’d it be?

Too may to name. Sun Ra, Unique 3, Marley Marl, Rza, Bjork, Dave Kelly. All legends. Mavericks who did it their way.

What forthcoming projects have you got planned?

We got more to come from this album here. I got a project with Adam Freeland later this year. Shadowless LP to come still. Part 2’s got a bunch of remix work comin’ in.

What site can we see the Part 2 graff work at?

Who do you wanna big up?

Everybody pushing this New Flesh ting here. All man who know and recognise and the whole of the world. Peace.

Go visit the Big Dada and New Flesh sites for more information on the trio.