Blade- Storms Are Brewing

March 11th, 2004

There’s no guest vocalist and almost no guest production. This is an independent affair in the truest form. Not surprising then, that by the end of the album you’re left with a very clear idea of the type of guy that Blade is. Throughout the thirteen captivating tracks, we’re treated to philosophic questions, elevating advice and retrospective tales alongside original beats that incorporate random but enjoyable sound affects and instrumental moments of heavenly bliss! Does he moan a lot? Well there was the occasional moment when I questioned who some of his rants were actually towards when the majority, if not the entire hip-hop scene holds respect for him. ‘Pop Idol’ is of an opinion a hell of a lot of people would agree with, ‘Robot’ is a song I imagined singing to a great number of artists I’ve come to know of, ‘Breathe’ is a moving and vivid tale which provides one of the deeper moments of the LP and ‘I Wonder’ with very basic lyricism ponders upon very big questions. Go pick this up. There’s a moment on here for everyone so you won’t be disappointed.