Mr. Dark Presents Skeptic & Jid Sames

June 19th, 2006

Here’s a new three track EP forthcoming on Main Rock Records. It begins with ‘40 Bricks’ by Jid Sames. The beat’s alright and the lyrical content’s good, but it’s quite an effort to follow the track from start to finish. ‘Sentence Boxing’ is an improvement, with quite a light beat but enjoyable vocals. ‘Dust Angels’ by Skeptic is an EP highlight, with a greater sense of energy and a more atmospheric, darker beat which suits the subject matter well. The release concludes with Siren, which employs a piano one too many times for this project. The strings are nice though, and fitting for Skeptics reflective and slow thoughts. In conclusion, those involved have their hearts in the right place and there’s brief glimpses of quality but there’s not enough all round power or energy to make these numbers stand out amongst other releases this month.