Snoop Dogg Giveaway

June 17th, 2006

Snoop Dogg

Here’s the chance I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for… Get your hands on a copy of Snoop Dogg’s latest DVD ‘Buckwild Bus Tour’ as well as an accompanying t-shirt.

Playboy present this new DVD, full of on the road antics between the much loved Snoop and his much exploited babes.

Footage includes live performances by the likes of Busta Rhymes, Spliff Star, Daz Dillinger and many more. Not only can you get a glimpse of rivetting stage happenings, but you’re also shown what goes on behind the scenes at after show parties. To be in with a chance of winning, you’ll need to answer this simple but bitchy question:

Snoop Dogg’s released over ten albums. What’s the name of the only one that was any good?

E-mail in your answer along with your name, address and t-shirt size. Winners will be chosen at random and you’ve got until the 30th to try your luck. Everyone gets the one chance and only UK residents may apply. Check out the filthy trailer in high, medium or low quality to see what’s on offer.


3 Responses to “Snoop Dogg Giveaway”

  1. Qube Says:

    Well I can tell you its not the one with the JT collab.

  2. JITEN PATEL Says:


  3. Qube Says:

    Im not the only one that thinks that…