Baron Samedi- Ripping Yarns

June 12th, 2006

A note to all record labels sending out press releases; don’t over sell a product. Samedi isn’t the best emcee in Europe or ‘maybe the world’ and isn’t ‘widely regarded to be one of the most original, talented and exciting emcees’ in the UK today.

His album is however very decent, with a lot of consistency and a strong structure that’s refreshing in comparison to many other album releases of this year. There’s lots of tracks, but of few filler moments. Samedi executes his words with a range of flows and his production provides a nice variety of musical moods.

‘Back To Nature’ is very impressively self produced, with some really laid back vibes. ‘Arachnophobia’ showcases some extremely creative storytelling over a very atmospheric beat that matches the subject matter perfectly. ‘Ripping Yams’ is highly listenable and merits many playbacks whilst ‘Spirited Away’ provides more chilled out sounds and introspective thoughts.

This is certainly worth picking up, with a focus from the artist of actually creating a strong album as opposed to bunching together a load of random tracks. The quality’s nice, and the artwork is superb.

3 Responses to “Baron Samedi- Ripping Yarns”

  1. Mr. Libel Says:

    I disagree. I think Baron IS the one of the best emcees in Europe or maybe the world and IS ‘widely regarded to be one of the most original, talented and exciting emcees’ in the UK today.


  2. Corpse_rotten Says:

    who? Baron samedi is a dude in a graveyard, not some whack ass english rapper ” drink my tea, eat my crumpits” lol i heard him and he sucks donkey balls from behide. that’s why only amercains should rap. that name been used , if you think he good, you need to check some real shit out like 3-6, twiztid, eazy, papa zombi, 2-pac, yin yang twins, or shit a crack head down the block, cause your missing alot from life, he regraded as a shit pile
    Good day,
    Ya Fuckers

  3. Ol Dog Says:

    Yeah that nigga sucks!