Ramson Badbones

June 5th, 2006

Ramson Badbones

The Taskforce affiliate had a brief chat to us about his influences, the forthcoming mix CD and album, giving up battling, performing live and linking with Harry Love. Have a quick read now!

Who are you and where you from?

I’m Ramson Badbones, from Planet Earth.

How long you been rapping and who’s been your biggest influences?

Since I was aged 10 or 11. My influences are life in general, and all the old skool originals.

How would you describe your music to someone that aint heard it?

Something you need to hear. The music speaks for itself.

What projects have you been involved in over the years?

Various mixtapes, MFTC Vol. 2, Mud Fam EP, Bury Crew, Harry Love, Verb T, Jehst, Verb album.

You’re a member of Taskforce but aren’t on too much of their stuff. What’s the deal?

I aint trying to be all up on their shit. I’m an individual, and a solo artist. If they call me, i’ll come on their tunes but it’s more of a bredrin ting. They’re my brothers.

Why cover Slick Rick’s ‘Children’s Story’ and what other classics do you want to remake?

Kinda Harry’s idea to do ‘Children’s Story’ and there’s too many classics to say. Watch this space!

How much time do you spend in your book of rhymes?

Every time I have a chance to sit down and grab my book, I will, or anytime I have something to write, which is most of the time, I do. It’s a natural thing to me. It’s what I do.

When’s the mix CD gonna drop and what tunes can we look forward to on there?

Very soon. Just mixing it together. ‘Welcome To The Darkside’, ‘Children Story’ and ‘Realness’ plus loads of new tracks.

How long have you been working on your album and when’ll that be ready?

It’s not finished yet. Probably end of this year. Working on it since last year.

Ramson Badbones

How did you link with Harry Love and who else are you working with?

We met at Kung Fu. I was on the run from police. I didn’t know him really but he was good to chat to. Farma, Ben Grim, Joe Spitz, Bury Cru and of course Harry Love for the first album.

How comes you retired from battle rapping?

It’s a whole different scene. People don’t always move on from it. Rapping and battling are two different things, and where’s the money at? Is it in battling or rap? Rapping. And that’s my passion.

Are you into other elements of the hiphop like graffing?

Knowing my luck, I’d get arrested. I’d love to though. It’s all art, same way.

What records and rappers are you particularly rating right now?

It’s such a small scene, I don’t get to hear it. I’m doing my own ting really. Haven’t got much time to listen to the radio, or go to raves and shows.

How do you find grime music?

Yeah, I love grime. It reminds me of exactly how road is. How the younger generation is. Grime’s heavy.

Are you out performing live much and when’s the next date?

I do perform a bit. I will be out there more when the mixtape and album comes out. It can get crazy sometimes. I love the feedback from my tunes though. I got a show at Fabric, 21 July for MK. I did a tune for his mixtape.

What’s the websites people need to be checking?


Have you got any messages or shout out’s to the people?

Shout outs to the crack heads on the roads, my mum, to my girl, my family, all my fans. Thanks for the support and love you’ve been showing me.

3 Responses to “Ramson Badbones”

  1. Excalibah Says:
  2. Salvo Says:

    Barry BAdBoNeZ IS heavyweight!
    album with harry loves gonna be fire

  3. scrumpy jack Says:

    the realness tune is fuckin heavy this lad has got nuff skills!! and working with harry love great things shall happen! cant fecken wait 2 hear more from this young brudda! SO DAMN HEAVY!! I JUST HOPE YOU DONT GET ONTO WACK BEATS BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN LET DOWN RECENTLY WITH SOME MCS…. SORRY JEHST BUT ITS TRUE…........................................................ TFB LIVERPOOL SECTION LAAAAAAAAAA