Rampage- Have You Seen?

June 4th, 2006

It’s a shame this is dropping around the same time as the LP by fellow Flipmode Squad member Busta Rhymes, because it’s nowhere near the quality of ‘The Big Bang’. Rampage is however a strong and solid rapper and the album’s an enjoyable listen. There’s tons of tracks on here, and a lot could have been cut to give the release a more impacting effect, but the production’s consistently entertaining and the lyrics and delivery is listenable at all times.

Highlights include the DJ Scratch produced ‘Goin’ Outta Business’ featuring Busta Rhymes, the Neptunes produced ‘I’m Rollin’ With You’ and the Mac G beat of conceptual track ‘No Love In The Room’. Another highlight is the production of an outfit called The Boogiii Men, which sound remarkably of the same style and approach as The Neptunes.

In the context of what everyone in the charts is doing right now, you can’t really fault this effort. There’s nothing particularly unintelligent about the lyrics and nothing sounds wack. Out on the UK’s All City Music, we’ll have to see how much attention this gets from the mainstream. Perhaps one or two extra Flipmode Squad features could have benefited that. Whatever the outcome, this is worth die hard Flipmode fans checking out, and anyone who’s after something that’s not from the played out Dirty South.