Various- Grindie Vol. 1

May 27th, 2006

You will have heard of this by now. Grindie; the mash up of rock instrumentals and grime vocals. It’s what all the broadsheets have been talking about and what all the backpackers have been writing off without having even heard. Spearheaded by Statik and hosted by Scorcher, Big H and Pres T, ‘Grindie’ Vol. 1 passes an entertaining hour or so, of hit and miss efforts.

We wont mention the awful sound bite of that washed up wasteman that your favourite tabloid paper’s always on about. Instead we’ll mention the highlights of a very long track list which is very messy and inconsistent. ‘Evil And A Hero’ by Franz Ferdinand is successfully mixed up with a rap beat and some rhymes. ‘From The Ritz To The Rubble’ by Arctic Monkeys similarly undergoes the grime experience well, alongside ‘Driving In My Car’ by Madness.

It’s a great idea on paper and there’s evidence here that it could spark something more substantial than one mixtape, but for grindie to break out of the mixtape world and become anything near to the emerging music movement which some journalists have been hinting at the beginning of, things need to be a lot more tidy and a heavy dose of quality control needs to be injected.

It’s very admirable that Statik has put this out and planted the seed, and quite surprising that nobody’s attempted it until now. The combination of grime and indy music and their scenes has huge potential written all over it. Besides from the prospect of some really great music being made, there’s all sorts of impacts it could have on both corners of the music world. Fingers crossed that volume 2 will realise how important it could be.