The Last Skeptic/Conflix- Think Twice/Character Assassins

April 2nd, 2005

The ever consistent Filthy Habits Records, which everyone should be showing respect and anticipation for by now, release ‘Think Twice’, ‘Character Assassins’ and ‘Vision’ on 12” produced by The Last Skeptic and with vocals headed by Conflix. ‘Think Twice’ has an interesting drum pattern, some cool trumpet stuff going on in the background, and an easy to relate to subject matter. ‘You go to sleep and think of the good times, and don’t want to wake up’ is just one line of the verses which will appeal to most listeners because of its universal themes. An instrumental is included. ‘Character Assassins’ has a loop which is likely to get stuck in your head for ages. Conflix’s rhyming is tight, and of an attractive accent to listen to. ‘Vision’ features Verb T, Baron Samedi, Syanyde, Grimlok and Jazz T. It’s a loud affair, with energy levels high. Here, the production is more enjoyable because it’s more developed and busy. Each guest spot is cool, and are dope enough for good playback value. A clean, instrumental and dirrrty version are included. With the vinyl being packed with six tracks in total, its worth your pennies and is a worthy addition to any UK rap collection.

2 Responses to “The Last Skeptic/Conflix- Think Twice/Character Assassins”

  1. jimi handtrix Says:

    its ok, not amazin. conflix’s flow isn’t that strong nor is the subject matter… but sayin that the beats are good and worth messin around with

  2. SIDEY Says:

    Yeh Conflix Is Heavy….. COP THIS SHIT