Ed mecija- Ed mecija

May 27th, 2006

This self titled five track album begins with the laid back production of ‘Beatiful Friend’ which the LA rapper laces with vivid storytelling. ‘For Coolidge’ continues the relaxing beats and provides more narrative, this time of a pacey and impressive flow. ‘Syreeta’ has a really nice guitar vibe with slightly annoying sung vocals that need some getting to used to. The track gradually builds up into a loud and energetic effort which enjoyably slows down towards its conclusion. ‘Firm Ground’ featuring Eppie ends the album with what sounds like a Dizzee Rascal sample for the drums. This closer’s really atmospheric and one of the album’s better numbers. The cool thing about this release is that it’s straight to the point. There’s no fancy packaging, little explanation and few songs. Sometimes better things come in small packages, evident here.