Dabrye- Two / Three

May 27th, 2006

Once the awfully tedious opening track featuring Wildchild is out the way, this solid debut album gets interesting with the MF Doom featuring ‘Air’ which has a fantastic beat worth playback all day. Other album highlights include the jazz lean of instrumental ‘Tell Dem’ and the space vibes on ‘Bloop’. What drags the LP out a little is that whilst all of the production is of a high quality and provides many quite different efforts, they’re all within the same corner of production. Everything’s a bit dark and computerised, letting boredom set in well before the twenty tracks are up. Perhaps if some less predictable vocal guest spots were included and there was a bit more light to the sound, things would have worked better. Never the less, Dabrye can certainly produce and if you’re into your MF Doom, Stones Throw kinda stuff, have a butchers.