DJ Format- 3 Feet Deep

March 23rd, 2005

It’s a pleasure to have DJ Format back, and accompanied once more with MC Abdominal. There’s a vibe to their music which few, if any other people are matching. The fun factor and enjoyment levels are high. ‘3 Feet Deep’ is a bit funky, a bit jazzy, solid throughout and fresh. Abdominal typically drops quality rhyming which sounds extremely easy for him. He’s joined by fellow Canadian D-Sisive, who is top notch too, and sounding remarkably like Slick Rick at points. The CD single comes with ‘You Hear That?’, an extremely groovy instrumental which begins with a little soul sample, and continues on with headnodding high tempo breaks and jazzy beats. The instrumental of ‘3 Feet Deep’ ends affairs, to a welcomed return to an ever exciting and achieving bloke.

2 Responses to “DJ Format- 3 Feet Deep”

  1. Samoon Saleem Says:

    abdolutely amazing track, i say watch the ride

  2. Samoon Saleem Says:

    I like jungle and mickey finn, thats what got me into breakbeat and format, i am almost 30 and that track gets me all excited like my rave days of 93 16 years old and that