Verse & Verses

May 8th, 2006

Purcell Rooms. South Bank, London.
May 9-13.

Critically acclaimed dancer/choreographer Robert Hylton together with his company Urban Classicism returns to the South Bank presenting for five consecutive nights.

Verse & Verses is a characteristically psychedelic take on the Hiphop genre with the concept veering towards the cinematic. This visually arresting production takes Hiphop to its outer limits, fusing contemporary dance with Robert Hylton’s unique vision. The award winning DJ/producer Billy Biznizz opens the show. A Hiphop original, Biznizz gets his dance groove on too. As the proverbial needle hits the groove the audience gets set for a unique experience as unbeknown to them, this is vinyl literally about to explode into life.

As a soundtrack forms via a diversity of styles, vinyl rotates into an aural twister reminiscent of Wizard of Oz’s classic hurricane. Thrown into alternative zones, the dancers spiritually morph into musical notes in a quest for their ultimate style and perfection. Hiphop’s true message: ‘Prophet’ though, is manipulated into disarray via its commercialised fate: ‘Profit’. Our adventurers journey into a parallel world, surviving amongst these polar extremes and ultimately triumphing as with a satirical edge, they maintain discipline & compassion in the inevitable face of corporate culture.

With leading design team AllofUS providing their signature backdrops and guest choreographer Pervez (Live To Break) collaborating on this atmospheric extravaganza, Robert Hylton reminds us why he’s in demand. Verse&Verses for 5 nights at the South Bank

Box Office: 08703 800 400