Neanderthal Youth- Electric Uprock

February 3rd, 2005

I’ve been waiting for something like this to turn up out of the blue- Entertaining, humorous and lovable hip-hop that is. Every once in a while the task of reviewing UK hip-hop gets to me and I need something a little more colourful and energetic. This is it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for music aimed for people who are ‘under the weather’, but it’s nice to take the imagination off and envision being in a hotter climate for a change. This 7” limited press (only 200 copies people!) from Neanderthal is great. Group members Nobs, Eyebal and Losaka, all from New York, begin the four track release with ‘Electric Uprock’. The music fits the title and the track has audience participation written all over it, bringing memories of the great MC Abdominal and Ugly Duckling shows of last year flooding back. Track two is the interlude ‘Grunt Part 1’ in which a selection of people attempt to answer ‘What is a Neanderthal Youth?’ which leads into ‘You Oughta Promote’ which starts with some great flute. The lyrics address those that ‘know nothing about a show’. There’s many worthy points here, which a lot of artists could do with addressing. The final track ‘Grunt Part 2’ is another interlude which is along the same lines as the first instalment, this time asking ‘If you saw a Neanderthal walking down the street, what would you do?’. Something about this release tells me that the group is going to go far, and easily secure a fan base in the UK, attracting those who are fans of DJ Format, Beastie Boys, and Jurassic 5 with ease. If like you, you’re worried at those grey clouds in the shape of The Game and 50 Cent fast approaching our radio’s and TV screens for the next six months, you’d do good to pick this up for putting on and getting a dose of what hip-hop was fundamentally about, fun.