Excalibah’s UK Hiphop Chart

May 2nd, 2006

1. DJ Mentat ft. Dirty Doogz- Whats Happening (White)

2. Klashnekoff- New Era (White)

3. Yes King ft Tor, Mystro & Ayak- Rock This Word / Crunch (ARP)

4. Foreign Beggars ft Dubbledge- Hot Plate (Dented)

5. Rukus- You Don’t Have A Word (Ant)

6. MC D, Skinnyman, Paradise & KRS One- U Must Learn (White)

7. Mark B & Delta ft Skinnyman- One Less Gun (K Boro)

8. Sway- Products / Baby Father (All City)

9. Kashmere- Playing With Fire (Receptor)

10. The Elements ft Shifty Spirit- Warriors (Elements Universe)

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