Various- Character Assassins Vol.2

April 30th, 2006

Spearheaded by rapper Conflix and producer Chemo, this is an incredibly strong compilation of sick tune from both new and older artists. You’ve got the likes of developing rappers such as Sonny Jim, Marvel and Phalanx Heresy mixing it with more established names like Jehst, Kyza, Dr. Syntax and Wordsmith. Reveal of Poisonous Poets drops heavy verses on ‘T.R.U’ whilst Rhyme Asylum demonstrates tight lyrics and an enjoyable flow on the interesting ‘Enemies Of The Faith’. ‘Days Like These’ by Genesis and Wordsmith is another highlight, but to be honest the track listing is so consistently enjoyable that there’s not much use in calling out specific tracks. Most numbers are produced by Chemo and further establish him as one of the most capable UK beatsmiths, providing various different moods throughout the satisfying 21 track CD. If you like your UK hip-hop, this record here is essential.

2 Responses to “Various- Character Assassins Vol.2”

  1. Gie Says:

    Yeah, this is such a great cd. Track 2 is my favourite. Real nasty beats from Chemo.

  2. Stylz Says:

    this CD, is amazing! props to all the artitsts, its refreshing to see real talent on the come up! Track 8 is my favourate, Marvel’s Where you at is a stand out jam for me. Chemo pulled it off again.