Mr Fresh- Earth Electrode Farm

April 21st, 2006

Produced entirely by Mr Fresh, this three track single features a bunch of enjoyable guest features and some promising beat making. The title track showcases vocalists Rola, Probe Mantis of Aspects and Sir Beanz OBE. It’s a really cool track with some solid and strong drums which run side by side a light loop of electronic sci-fi keys. As the track draws to a close, some nice scratching takes it away.

Blaktrix provides the rapping on ‘Tord Grip’. This one’s another relatively slow paced number with a quite stripped down beat of simplistic but listenable drums and few other elements. Trix’s vocals are entertaining but don’t add much colour to the fairly uneventful tune.

‘Welcome to Sanctuary: Sin City’ features Coherent, Dribbla, Gee Swift and Sir Beans OBE once more. Yet again of a traditional and stripped down vibe, there’s not much beside the different guest vocals that provides something different to the ear. Never the less, Mr Fresh certainly has some skills and it’ll be nice to see what he comes up with next. This is a debut release after all.

2 Responses to “Mr Fresh- Earth Electrode Farm”

  1. Dub line Says:

    mr fresh comes correct! earth electrode is heavy!


  2. LB Says:

    Heard the tracks on myspace, sounding dope…...looking forward to the release…..