Blade- Reflection

October 31st, 2004

If Blade’s current LP is the brewing of the storm, this 12” release is the dirty grey cloud in the sky, pouring down shit loads of hail stones and striking us with lightening. Not that the A side ‘Reflection’ is particularly heavy going, but the force of the lyrics and production is almighty and far more than enough for Michael Fish to pick up on his weather radars, whilst other 12’s of the moment are non existent in the Richter scales eyes. Geography terminology aside, this track is uplifting and inspiring, using strings and guitars beautifully to lay the way for humble, deep and motivating lyrics. Already a standout track in the long and great discography of its artist, anyone looking for substance and quality won’t be left disappointed. On the B side is ‘Soldier’ which features Respek-BA and Life. The track, exclusive to this release and produced by The Manoz, is also a very solid number, of yet more deep lyrics. All MC’s come correct, with BA making his vinyl debut in great style.