Mr. Ti2bs- Keep It Moving / Adrenaline

April 21st, 2006

Cliche track title and hook aside, ‘Keep It Moving’ is a solid effort showcasing more tight lyricism and flow from North London’s Mr. Ti2bs. Produced by Baby J, the beat’s alright but nothing spetacular. The choices in drum sounds are quite irritating, but one or two sci-fi effects make up for that.

‘Adrenaline’ is produced by First Man Productions who have previously worked with Blak Twang, Lemar and Yungun. It’s a far more developed and satisfying offering which gets the head nodding back and forth a lot easier than the A side. Ti2b’s vocals are a lot fresher and full of much more character. Out on Kemet Entertainment Records, it’s impressive that Ti2b’s has put out a singler so quickly after the last. Going on the evidence so far, the forthcoming debut album ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ could well be worth a listen.