Scuff- Filled In/The Repercussion

April 14th, 2006

Delegates Of Culture member Scuff drops a series of solid tracks well worth checking out. All the vocals are strong and the beats are equally as good. ‘Filled In’ is a real head nodding affair, which Scuff drops tight lyrics over in an impressive flow that’s easily listenable. DJ Nappa’s production is a loop based number with a great choice in sample. ‘The Repercussion’ is a far more chilled and reflective offering which takes the energy levels down a few pegs. The words revolve around Scuff’s observations on wealth, employment and society. An instrumental of each number is included and the release is out on The Music label now.

One Response to “Scuff- Filled In/The Repercussion”

  1. skuff Says:

    skuff with a K!

    thanks for the review peace