Various- UK Runnings Volume 4

April 14th, 2006

There’s always some nice inclusions on UK Runnings releases and that’s still the case here, with some dope freestyles and some heavy tracks by the likes of Genesis Elijah, Wordsmith, Dubbledge and P.A.C. There’s a couple of exclusive numbers on here but it would have been enjoyable to hear more, and some of the tracks by lesser known artists feel like fillers at points.

‘Tell ‘Em How It Is’ by 10shott and Gabz is a nice effort at making a US southern vibed track but it’d be nice had they tried doing a track a little more authentic and organic in relation to their country of origin. ‘Back Down’ by T Bear suffers from the same attempt to create a crunky joint. Much US generated crunk etc is dull and painful to listen to as it is, nevermind UK artists attempting it. Past volumes of UK Runnings didn’t involve this kind of material, and in comparison are better for it.

Amongst the near to unlistenable moments are nice gems like ‘No Need To Be Extra’ by Mr Tibbs, ‘Not Your Average’ by Lowkey and Tony D, ‘London Underground’ by Juttla Featuring Creamo, Foreign Beggars, P.A.C and Genie Don, as well as ‘Rememberance’ by Wan Cee. But before purchase, you need to ask yourself if you wanna sacrifice your ears by listening to throwaway stuff, in order to get a taste of the goodness.

One Response to “Various- UK Runnings Volume 4”


    Ay yo, I love you UK muthafuc@s! From Taskforce, Klashnekoff, braintax, Rodney P, Jehst, to The Jump Off battles. You can always tell the difference between those that mimic and those that live it. No matter how much love that you have for Hip-Hop, you’ll never be able to appreciate or be truly appreciated and accepted if you don’t live it. Trying to imitate is not a good look and it will always be evident in the music. The beautiful thing about the afformentioned cats is that they are just as Hip-Hop as me despite the fact that they live overseas. I’m not on any Stan-type shit, just givin credit where credit is due. You dudes are pumping out some quality sh@t, please continue. P E A C E