Jibbarish- Drop Bombs

October 31st, 2004

Drop Bombs… A fitting title if there ever was one, this track does just that, the beat is pretty damn explosive, and every single
syllable of the vocals packs a punch, but Where to start? Over an intense beat reminiscent of classic gunshot, and yet possessing modern drum pattern, Jibbarish spits at a rate that sees him contesting for the Guiness book of records “Worlds faster rapper title” and yes; to those uninitiated, the velocity of his amazing flow may prove inaccessible. Of course to those who respect and enjoy well delivered machine gun fire, stoccato syllable style delivery the result is fantastic. Jibbarish’s relentless rhythmic onslaught is interspersed with slower sections, but the memento is in no way lost, rather the listener is provided with breathing space to recover from the bombardment. OK, I think it’s apparent enough that i’m a fan of Jibbarish when he drop like this, and find the manic breakneck nature exhilarating when done properly – so with this being properly done it’s a definite winner. But back to the production, Jaimez beat definitely does more than simply underpin Jibbarishs lyrics; It sets the pace and it more than entertains the listener, should they fall behind the words, with a classic sample from the Theme to the 1974 movie “The Taking of Pelham 123”. It’s a refreshing change to find such energy in a UK hiphop track, and certainly shows
how these grime kids how to rhyme at pace, audibly, with creative and non-repetitive lyrics.

Great White takes an altogether different approach. The beat itself sets the scene and mood from the first instant you hear the baseline which sounds uncannily close to the Jaws theme that wasn’t. Backed by a great and yet simple drum pattern and interspersed with well chosen samples, the perfect backdrop is created for Jibbarish to indulge in an exploration of the world of the great white shark. I’m not going to spoil this one for you, I’ll simply tell you that Jibarrish dives into (sorry!) the topic from multiple angles providing a great autobiographical study of the shark, and its interaction with mankind carefully woven into an intricate tale told from the sharks perspective. Although less rapid fire than Drop Bombs, Jibbarish still manages to put more into a sentence than most MCs (and does it better than most of the wordier ones) and crafts the vocal characteristics and vocal inflections in certain places to bring much more depth and personality to the delivery. All in all; it’s a rather complete package and a great example in the exercise in taking a good concept and developing it to completion. It wont be everyone’s cup of tea, but nothing ever is. If you listen to it and like it, good chances are you’ll love it the second time you listen,and if you don’t like it immediately you might grow to love it.

2 Responses to “Jibbarish- Drop Bombs”

  1. Kyle Priestman Says:

    Phat tune bruv, check dis out

  2. Bob Preston Says:

    Phat tune. Jibbarish is definitly one of the best in the UK. Maybe thee best!