Concentration Camp- Check Da Broadcast

October 31st, 2004

‘Check Da Broadcast’ by Concentration Camp, out on the label Smokin Mics is produced by General Aslan and features Kinetiks, R-Text, J Khan and Aslan. The beat is dark and of a very underground nature, giving something solid for the head to nod to. The vocals are good, listenable and clear although of little captivating content, mainly consisting of lyrics talking themselves up and acting hard. Running at around five minutes, the looped beats become quite repetitive, although some turntablism eventually saves the day.
The other track on here is ‘The Gathering’ again produced by General Aslan, featuring Ambush, Kinetiks, Aslan, R-Text, J Khan, Tekneek, El-Mariachi and Knowledge. Following from the repetition of side A, this comes in sounding refreshing thanks to cuts by DJ Pager. The beat is far more interesting, making the vocals more exciting. The voices are loud and solid, delivering metaphors and battle lines a lot sharper than track one.