Jabba Tha Kut- Nightcrawlers

October 7th, 2004

‘Nightcrawlers’ by Jabba Tha Kut featuring 20 year old vocalist Suicyde is simple. The track is a straight forward and solid hip-hop beat and the vocals are quality, clear and concise. It’s of a chilled sound, with percussion to get the head nodding and faint sounds here and there to get the vibes flowing. The second track on the release is ‘Shadows’ which features Salvo. The guest justifies his appearance, dropping a verse full of top notch lyricism. The beat’s chilled again, starting off with some nice scratching and a cool mid track sample. ‘Human Zoo’ sees Suicyde popping up for a second time, this time offering some story telling over a beat which sounds better each time you turn the volume up a notch. ‘1000 Possibilities’ with Salvo finishes off the four track release with tons of food for thought lines and a simple, perhaps too quiet/faint beat. Nice stuff.