Skrein- Mind Out

October 7th, 2004

The track ‘Mind Out’ is produced by Dag Nabbitt and features on the awesome Foreign Beggers album. It sees Skrein dropping vocals demonstrating his interesting words and entertaining character. The beat is great, including a chilled out piano loop and a basic drum pattern. There’s a chorus (hook, or whatever you want to call it) where the rapper sort of sings the track name which works nicely. References to various areas of North London provided my personal stand out moment of the track, what with a line on us racist ol’ Barnet lots skinheads. The second track on here is ‘Once Upon a Skrein’. The tempo’s at head nodding, foot tapping, hip swaying levels and the beat has some really good elements to it. There’s some piano, a stretched symbol and a deep bassline. The rapping is tight, as to be expected, leaning on the party vibe side of things rather than the deep gloomy and meaningful. ‘The Youth’ rounds up the product suitably. I’m never good at identifying the instruments which make up a beat so I’ll just say the production, by Kate Fitzgerald (A girl!?) is sweet. There’s some great lines on here, my favourite being ‘I am…the next generation annoyed at the news’.