Kista- Talk With God Feat. Tableek

March 18th, 2006

‘Talk With God’ is an enjoyably chilled effort which East Coast rapper Kista laces with solid and entertaining vocals. The only downside of the track is that the vinyl crackling effect is a little too loud, but apart from that, it’s a great number to have on in your crib after a stressful day at work. The bass line is really smooth and the drums understated, delivering a very warm and fullfilling listening experience.

‘Pushin’ To The Top’ is an instrumental dominated by a piano sample. It’s either an instant gem which sounds too cool to be something you haven’t heard before, or it’s unimaginative and like many other instrumentals out there. Once the loop runs twice, nothing much else seems to happen in the track, so I guess it’s best suited for people wanting to cypher rather than dance.

‘Evolution’ features Tableek. The vocals on here are the best of the whole single release, but the production is really annoying. There’s a subtle sci-fi effect on repeat which doesn’t loop nicely and gets really annoying. Also, there’s a constant ticking of the snare which is very irritating. This release is out now on Art/Goes/Pop Records.

One Response to “Kista- Talk With God Feat. Tableek”

  1. leroy d Says:

    picked up this 7” and i must say its a gem mate this is how fucking hip hop should be…this review does not do it any justice sorry to say it but your wrong this shits for the b boys