SuparNovar- Reppin/Get Ready 4 War

March 18th, 2006

Out on Kemet Entertainment Records, this is a solid two track single with clean and instrumental versions thrown into the mix. ‘Reppin’ is full of lots of loud horns but a quite tedious bass line which really gets boring by the end of the track. Novar’s vocals are alright, but sound like he’s going through the ‘badman’ motions rather than really digging deep for more potency in his words.

This is the same case as on ‘Get Ready 4 War’. The strings based beat is alright, but nothing spectacular, and the verses are solid but simply lacking that extra something that would leave listeners under a greater impact.

Nowadays if lyricists choose not to go down the topic orientated form of penning verses, they need to make sure their less subject focused lines are super sick. There’s a lot of competition out there and efforts need to be made to rise above the rest. Although this release shows good production and vocal skills, it lacks anything substantial which will draw people back after a couple of plays.

4 Responses to “SuparNovar- Reppin/Get Ready 4 War”

  1. snail Says:

    tee ur opinion is ur own so respect for dat but dats the only respect ur gettin blud. wait an see the impact this an the rest of mans music has an then tell me wot ur tryin tell me now.
    stay blessed – snail.

  2. T Says:

    No disrespect to SuparNovar. As I said in the interview, it aint a wack release. But I’m pretty certain this sin’t gonna have the impact you talk of. It’s been out for a while on airplay and web and trust me, nobody’s raving about it nearly half as much as they do about other new releases. But opinion is subjective. It’s just ironic that people acknowledge this and then go onto cuss someone for their view. Best, Tee.

  3. Karmeone1 Says:

    People always like 2 knock back those on their way 2 success, these r tha people who end up with egg on they faces….Jus wait 4 tha Reppin Remix T, I’m sure ppl will be drawn back after a couple of plays… Big Up SuparNovar….!

  4. Tee Says:

    I wasn’t given the remix to review, so it’s irrelevant. This is evidently a virtual street team counterstrike. Comments closed.