The Phobia- Kee It Moving

October 7th, 2004

The beginning of ‘Keep It Moving’ by The Phobia instantly grabs my attention with its loud and in your face pre verse ramblings. Once the verse kicks in, my interest is sustained. The group are comprised of Breaker, Smokey, Kal Serious, Ironvest, Perry Scaramanga and General Knowledge. All the verses are solid, ranging from raw energy to words and flow based approaches. Production handled by Kal Serious and Smokey and mixed/mastered by DJ Flip is good, but to be honest the vocals had me so much that I didn’t really have time to dwell on the beat. The second track is ‘Killing Time’. Things are a little less energetic, with the beat sounding a lot calmer and chilled. It’s another showcase of a variety of voices and styles, showing this squad to be talented and diverse. This is how promo’s should be done everyone, it’d make my day go a lot quicker.