Foreign Beggars- Slow Broiled Ilk

March 11th, 2006

You shouldn’t take anything for granted in hiphop but it’s hard not to expect high quality with each new Foreign Beggars release because their catalogue of material speaks volumes. This second offering from their forthcoming album once again provides a demonstration of their immense talents, from extremely impressive production to personality and energy driven vocals.

‘Slow Broiled Ilk’ features out of house production by OhNo and a guest appearance by Dubbledge. The beat’s got a really dope bass line and seems perfect for a party. All the verses are extremely tight and full of character. ‘Backdraught’ is produced by the crew’s Dag Nabbit and has a quite futuristic and sci-fi orientated vibe. Metropolis and Orifice drop solid verse and another catchy hook which is well suited for the crew’s sick live performances. ‘Hot Plate’ ends the release in up tempo fashion, in which Dag Nabbit flex’s his impressive production skills with an intense mix of electro noise. Orifice Vulgatron drops a verse in his sick as bird flu double time flow whilst Dubbedge and Lenaman add the finishing touches.

This is another violent explosion of quality from the UK’s most madly impressive hiphop outfit who seem certain not only to do serious damage in their nation’s scene, but the entire international hiphop community. It’s exciting, original, fresh and progressive. Only a deaf man could argue otherwise.