Verbal Kent/Earatil Statik- Alley Rap/Mission Destruction

September 17th, 2004

This underground stars studded 12” release on the so far consistent and impressive Filthy Habits consists of four tracks as well as instrumental, clean and dirty versions. First up is ‘Alley Rap’ by Verbal Kent featuring Wordsworth and Rusty Chains. The beat is a nice piano and deep trumpet number looped on which all vocalists drop solid verses. Perhaps I’m biased as I’m already a big fan, but Wordsworth’s contribution shines the most; his charismatic style and on point lyrics and delivery as tight as it always is. This sides bonus number, thrown in out of rich generosity is ‘Get a Job’ by Rusty Chains, Alltruisms and Willus Drummond II. The beat is a prompt for the head to nod, with chilled loops and good scratching here and there. On the flipside is ‘Mission Destruction’ by Earatik Statik featuring Kool Keith and Blacksilver. The beat’s a standard underground effort, its vocals hook ‘We make moves like Rosa Parks from the back of the bus’ making the song memorable the most. All the verses are quality, full of a few stand out lines I’d ruin for you if I quoted now. The next track is ‘Making Moves’ from a forthcoming album called ‘Felling Earatik’. The track title and content finish the release off relevantly, as limited 12”s such as this certainly display a young label already of the reliability to provide class and ‘make moves’.