Aaron Midnyte- Revision Vol.2

March 4th, 2006

Out on Under The Cap Productions and produced entirely by Cappo, this ‘demo’ album consists of fourteen varied tracks, from the underwhelming ‘Intro’ to the enjoyably understated ‘Get Stuffed’ and mystically vibed ‘Most Gifted’. ‘Life Is Cruel’ shows Midnyte at his best in terms of vocals and ‘Focus’ sounds as though the intense and dramatic soundscape was lifted from a horror movie. The release ends with ‘That’s How I’m Going Out’ which feels a lot more developed than many previous tracks. The release shows glimpses of solid lyricism by Aaron Midnyte although it feels like more growth in terms of vocals is yet to be made. It is however a nice release, showcasing someone who has the potential to go on and release really enjoyable stuff.