RIP- Paper Chase/Angels And Devils

September 8th, 2004

RIP are The Rippah and Inspekt ‘A’ Rhyme and this is their debut double A Side, two solid tracks showcasing nice production by Chemo. The vocals are sharp and the wordplay on point such as Inspek’s verse on ‘Paper Chase’ where he describes himself as “like a virgin with stitched up pussy lips, I’m tight” and The Rippah’s verse on ‘Angels & Devils’ on which he explains that he’s “dead serious like a car with no headlights”. The vinyl features instrumentals of both tracks and an acapella of the second. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of ‘No Man Is Safe’ featuring Frontline which is of a heavy loop based beat. This is on Spitfire Records, and if at all representative of the releases to come on the label, evidence that they’re a must to check out for future buys.