Dday One- Loop Extensions

February 26th, 2006

Out on the very busy Needleword Records comes another industrial style instrumental album full of high quality atmosphere driven tracks which at the same time as sounding quite heavy and mechanic, incorporate subtle samples of warm and sometimes soulful orientation. Dday One was born and raised in Los Angeles, C.A and has certainly mastered his choice of production style, resulting in an album as good as many of those in the same area of hiphop as this. It would have been enjoyable to hear more vocals, such as those on ‘Unstable Material 2’ which are contributed by Subtitle, Awol One, Existereo and Metfly, mainly because it adds that extra something which will draw listeners more accustomed to tradional hiphop back for more listens. Fans of DJ Shadow, RJD2 and other similar producers and DJ’s are likely to consider this well up their alley.