Blade- Guerrilla Tactics

February 25th, 2006

Out on his own 691 Influential label, Blade provides another album which demonstrates his admirable perseverance and work ethic. Baby J handles the beats for the entire project and guests include Respek-Ba, Mystro and many others. Highlights of the album include the already released ‘Mumps’ and ‘It’s Your Time’. ‘B.L.A.D.E’ has a quite simplistic chorus but the verses and beat provide another standout track, whilst ‘UK Hip Hop’ is an enjoyable history lesson on the many names which kicked off the culture in the UK.

Whilst all the production is of a high quality, things get quite predictable, with the majority of beats being of the same soul sample approach and structure. At points Blade’s vocals don’t make the most of the track and the various interludes based around different elements of hiphop are a cute inclusion but could have perhaps been done stronger.

In conclusion, the album’s on a par with the previously released ‘Storms Are Brewing’ and is therefore more entertaining than ‘The Unknown’ with Mark B, however the uplifting and energetic moments such as on ‘It’s Your Time’ come too rarely, amongst tracks of significantly less power which makes the complete tracklisting feel too sparse and varied in playback value.

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