Conspicuous The Coroner’s Top 5 UK Battle Rappers

February 25th, 2006

1. Grimlok

2. Chester P

3. Troy Scalpels

4. Reveal

5. Possessed

(In no particular order)

5 Responses to “Conspicuous The Coroner’s Top 5 UK Battle Rappers”

  1. Excalibah Says:

    We are all fans of Grim…but i personally reckon that chester is top of the pops on this list!! And wheres Prof Green??

    We’ll have to have words Cons!

  2. hmmm Says:

    Possessed is tha illest by far! Grimlok is sick aswel!


  3. . Says:


  4. mranarchy Says:

    oioi where is skinny man on the top 5 battle rappers he batter most with his simple dialect

  5. Imran Says:

    Has anyone got any links to where I can see/hear any of Grimlok’s battles?