Abdominal & DJ Fase- A Good Day

August 6th, 2004

‘A Good Day’ is yet another great conceptual offering by Abdominal and the producer of his soon to be re-released EP DJ Fase. The first of two new tracks from the ‘Flowtation Device’ release, it details everything which makes an enjoyable day in Abdominals great and now familiar story telling style. The chorus is sung and catchy, the beat’s trumpets and guitars get the head nodding and the feel good factor is through the roof. B Side track ‘Slow And Deliberate’ is a slow paced number which Abdominal easily and effortlessly flows over. Having a wealth of material now under his belt, the MC fails not once to remain sounding fresh and enjoyable. Instrumentals and acapella tracks of both new songs are included alongside a DJ Format remix of the close to classic status EP track ‘Fast Food’. If there’s one thing this 12” does besides from offering immense value for money is it leaves the listener even more hungry for a full length album of all new material by Abdominal. This is a strong runner in the race for best summer anthem of the year.

One Response to “Abdominal & DJ Fase- A Good Day”

  1. CJ Says:

    would come for a party ne time but ran out of texts now., phone me wiv ne news