Waxfactor- Sci-Fu

February 23rd, 2006

There’s nothing wrong with this album at all. The production is consistently good throughout and there’s a bunch of very enjoyable moments of great drum programming, sampling and sonic madness. If you’re into Deltron 3030 or Mf Doom orientated hiphop, you’ll love this. However, one can’t help but feel that rather than taking things forward and contributing a piece of innovation to the genre, many of these sort of albums just end up as pieces of background music, with far too little excitement to captivate you into listening closely for its entirity. Here, the tracks are stringed together with a theme influenced by 1950’s Sci-Fi dramas. There’s a few particularly enjoyable moments, such as ‘Down For The Count’ which uses a cool snippet of Bonham. It’s all just a little bit middle of the road signed as ‘out there’. To the international hiphop community, please give up using computerized voices and try making some classics that don’t simply sound like previous classics! This album comes out on Needlework Records in March.

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2 Responses to “Waxfactor- Sci-Fu”

  1. lorna doone Says:

    who ever wrote the review wants a good old telling off. By no means is this simply middle of the road and waxfactor has triumphantly evolved into a producer that will be around for many years to come mainly because there is fun and sentiment and excitement pulsing throughout this album and all of his other works to date. One only has to look at his previous work with Lex to name but a few to see how ingenious and capable this guy is at charging a room full of mind blowing beats and rythm.
    Waxfactors Game Face EP was so totally exhilerating, again not only due to the evident enthusiasm pumping throughout which is almost tangible but because he lets you savour every single second as his works command you to sit back and pay attention. A master of all things ingeniuos, we may have heard similar before, but this dude is the number one and throws any competition to the kerbside.

  2. Tee Says:

    This artist must b shaggin u well to merit such biased defence.