Tef-Co- Rumours

February 23rd, 2006

There’s nothing wack about ‘Rumours’. The production’s solid and the vocals and lyricism is alright. It’s just that there’s not too much to rave about. It sounds a bit generic because the rhyming styles don’t display much individuality or character and the beat uses a typical speeded up soul sample throughout. The release includes ‘Wake Up’ which is a big improvement, but which still doesn’t do enough to make a strong enough impact. The verses are cool and in general, it’s a far more structured effort. ‘We Don’t Play’ is a lot more energetic than the rest of the release and it’s a shame the guys didn’t stick along these lines of loud beats and more expressive vocal drops.

2 Responses to “Tef-Co- Rumours”

  1. MTK Says:

    Sik tune luv this one 100 million times betta than watching lethal b man its all about UK Hip Hop Tef-Co are like the only kl hip hoppers on channel u at the mo keep it up 1

  2. biggzee Says:

    TEF-CO are the hottest sppiters right about now..
    i’ve got the new mixtape the road map its ssiiiiiicckkk..i recommend it big time..