Final Element

February 25th, 2006

Final Element

We caught up with a guy who’s been pushing his heavy CD’s on the streets of London for years, to hear him talk on heroes, performing live, production and lots more.

Where are you from and what’s the thinking behind your artist name?

Tottenham. When I joined my crew I used to role with, I was the last member to join, an’ I brought a different style into the crew. A natural element that was missing.

How long have you been rapping and what are some of your musical heroes and heroins?

I’ve been an artist for about 10 years, learnin’ my craft on all levels. As for musical heroes, purely old skool. Common, early Nas, up to people like Talib Kweli. But my biggest inspiration is the truth.

What material have you got available out there at the moment and what can people expect from it?

As you know, I have the ‘Da ‘Comin’ mix CD which sold 15,000 copies. Also, ‘Da Launch Pad’ mix CD, 8,000 an’ countin’. But my main projects for this year is my compilation ‘Da Missing Elements’ which should answer my biggest question out there which is, can I make big tracks?

How long have you been selling the CD’s at the independant face to face level?

For about 18 months now, as well as other moves.

Approaching random people on the streets, have you ever had to deal with random nutheads and freaks?

No, not really because you kind of develop an art for pickin’ out the right people, such as yourself.

Are you gonna attempt the more conventional retail method next?

I’m gonna be making street sales for now while I’m building my army of fans. As for the amount I’ve sold, it’s precisely 23,000 thosand mix CDs. I keep all my stats.

What projects are you working on and what inside gossip can you drop about them?

I’ve just finished a video shoot on the weekend for a track I featured on called ‘Change My Style’ which is due in the next couple of weeks. Also, got my video droppin’ end of March for a track called ‘Angel’.

Who’s handling your production and what, if any, crew members do you have around you?

I work with 2 main producers, Prophecy and Entity, but will sometimes work with others if the beats are banging. Shout out to Nutty P. Got a nice track with him called ‘C Wot I C’ on the ‘Missing Elements’.

It doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything differently to Sway, but he’s winning Mobo’s. What do you think the reason for that is?

Everything has its time. I’ve been through a bit of ups an’ downs. Leavin’ my crew ‘4thbattalion’ kind of put me at square one, but I hit the ground runnin’ and I got a good feeling about this year already. Ask me the same question in 10 months. By then, a lot should be revealed to London by then. Beleive me.

Are you planning in continuing with the strictly hands on, individual approach or are you looking to build a team around you?

I ve always had a team. I’m connected to so many acts in one way or another. I’ve showed so many people how to survive while building your independence. Now I’ve come for my dues.

How often do you perform live?

I now promote my own gigs so I will be performin’ a lot more this year, startin’ at Strawberry Moons, Regent Street on the 17th of April. A night called ‘Special Delivery’. Make sure you’re there or for more details check out or call 07940451251 for ticket info.

How can people keep up to date with your career. Have you got a Myspace page or website we can bookpark?

Yes. Check out or

Do you wanna drop any shout out’s or messages to round this up on?

Just want to take this chance to thank all the peeps who copped my mix tapes. Respect for the support and look out for my new single ‘Angel’ an’ the vids. Final’s year. Peace.

8 Responses to “Final Element”

  1. John Says:

    For a Channel U playlisted rapper, he’s pretty damm good!

  2. Zoot Says:

    Heard his Da Comin album. Was heavy.

  3. Dave Bass Says:



  4. 75 Says:

    Just to add that the track Final mentioned he is featured on is “Change my style” by Uk artist ‘Original One’. Look out for the video on your screens in the next month or so

  5. Marcus Says:

    i met final element bout 2 weeks ago in croydon signed an upcomin single that hasnt come out yet, he well safe, i paid 5 pound 4 2 cds he seems like a nice guy, and his tracks aint 2 bad

    hold tight


  6. Rodriguez "messiah" Says:

    pikd up launch pad off him in kingston – sum bang’n lyriks in Dont get it twisted + sickness.

  7. Pusher W5 Says:

    met dis breh in harrow. he shott me a mixtape for 3 nugg, he baree safe. his beats are ill and his lyrics are proper deep, final element gonna be big. keep doin ur fing bruv ul hit da top.


  8. daniel Says:

    hes a dik ed i met him in harrow and he tried to boy me off, me and my boys merked him hes a dik hed