Fat Club- Destroy All Heroes/Still Startin’ Shit

February 20th, 2006

In similar fashion to Outkast’s most recent double album, Fat Club duo Mr Monk and Steve Gough have decided to do a solo disc each and slap it together as one album release. Whilst the project’s set up differently to normal, there’s still a similar vibe and atmosphere to Fat Club’s previous couple of releases. On Mr Monk’s disc, Probe Mantis and Turroe join in on ‘Theme From The Cheap Seats’. The flute based beat is produced really well and it’s certainly an album highlight. ‘Those Cunts Can’t Rhyme’ has a really enjoyable old school vibe to the beats and lyrics, whilst other stand out moments include the pacey ‘Demons’ featuring Optimus Prime and the verses of ‘This Beer’.

Steve Gough’s disc has notably fewer guest appearances, with the majority of the features being by his partner in crime Mr Monk. The toilet photography and tired Michael Jackson gag might not satisfy the more advanced tastes in humour amongst audiences although the lyrical content and standard of production is as good as the first disc of the release. Turroe’s rhyming style is a little more laid back which doesn’t always do his more thoughtful verses the justice they deserve, but his heart and intensions are in the right place. ‘Lost Soul’ see’s Turroe get deep with a spoken word approach over a gentle guitar track and ‘Mucky Little Pups’ features a dope contribution by Junior Disprol.