Nomadic Poet- Concrete Man

February 18th, 2006

‘Concrete Man’, the lead single from The Planets founder’s debut solo album, is an enjoyable and solid track with a strong head nodding beat with great cuts by DJ MK. The very nice trumpet running through the whole affair is a lot more enjoyable than had it been a typical brass sample, and the lyrics and vocal execution is on point.

Producer and rapper Lewis Parker provides a remix of the lead track which impressively changes up the whole mood entirely, into a far more atmospheric and hard result. The track’s a real credit to Parker’s already established back catalogue and could have easily been the lead track, unlike most remixes which more often than not, are lazy filler.

Concluding the release is ‘Switch Over’ produced by Dallas based Gensu Dean (Royal Flush, ODB, David Banner). After a slightly tedious sample of Flava Flav dialogue, things get going on a chilled out level in terms of beat. The verses are dope and jammed with food for thought lyrics. The hook’s strong and quality in general high.

Debut solo singles aren’t meant to come this correct. It’s a great appetiser for the forthcoming album ‘A Travellers Tale’ and very strong evidence that Nomadic Poet will be matching his success with The Planets, with ease.

The single hits shelves on the 20th of March, through Red Sea Entertainment.